Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bad Blogger Me

     Oh me oh my , I certainly didn't start my blogging off with a bang in  2015 !  
     Really ... 27 days since my last post , Oh my bad, bad, blogger me ! Perhaps in January I got frozen in time ?

     I'm afraid I may fail at a good post today too , hope this doesn't turn into a trend  I've been busy today with a blizzard , sounds like as good  an excuse as any ?  

     I promise to dazzle with stories and animal pics come February, promise . "Dazzle" oh I'm so full of myself aren't I  ~ perhaps no one even knows I've been missing .
     Speaking of dazzling animal posts ,  my neighbor at Onion Patch farm has a super duper "animals in the snow " post up right now,  give her a peek she wont  disappoint you .  Pop into her hot link right here if you'd like   onionpatchfarm.blogspot.com ~ don't forget to  leave her a comment  (she loves them) .

   Missing you guys ~  see you all in February .

   Bad Blogger Me,