All photos have been taken by me

All photos have been taken by me

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hail ~ to the Roo

You may remember  the past blog about the garden statue that looks a bit like the cartoon rooster Longhorn Leghorn and our  Zen hen Dora that has a crush on it.

           Funny she would pick an inanimate object over our flashy roo flock  as somehow we now have  five roosters  .   Five ?? , yes five ...  lets count them shall we ~

                                      # 1 Ollie By Golly

      First  is  wonderful Ollie by Golly the large mellow French Salmon Faverolle rooster who has seniority . We had Ollie's  father and his father before him. so he comes from  long line of  lineage bred here on the farm. 
He has a lovely lilt to his crow ~ must be his french accent.

                                                                   # 2
                                     is Mr. Belvedere

     Mr B. if you follow the blog you know is  our multi talented, blog famous  pony riding, Old English Bantam Roo  (Old English is a breed as he's not "old" actually) . Mr Belvedere has been the feathered farm yard show off   two years running now and has   established his own farm flock.  Mr. B gets along well with Ollie when free ranging ( as Mr B. knows how to scoot boot and Ollie is rather cumbersome).
         Mr .Belvedere is such a wonderful little guy with a twinkle in his eye  .            

     Due to a lot of busy hub bub  three new  Roos from our Spring hatch somehow are still here and have  acquired names ... "rhot roe" ( and no "rhot rhoe" is not a name,  its my Scoobie Doo impression) .
    I am told " when you name em, you claim em,"  so I am afraid to say we have named "em".

     Newly swinging through the flock  with his wavy slick feathers is Rico Suavey a black silkie rooster. At the moment Rico is an odd man out and  stays on the outskirts of the flock , but he's working on his  swagger to eventually show the silkie ladies.
(psst... Silkies are a breed of chicken )

                                                                #3    RICO


                         Then there's  ~  # 4 PRINCE ALBERT

      Prince Albert  is  the new golden child of the Cochin Clan and the Frizzle gals .  Prince is pretty  preener   . He has a few clucky Cochin  girls that are enamored with him so he's a very happy camper it seems . 

                                  Now     ~   #5  MEET CLUCK NORRIS 

Lastly but not leastly  is  ~  Cluck Norris ( thanks for the fun cocky name inspiration Shontellemoiselle ;)  . Cluck is shiny,  sleek stealth  and bold , also an Old English Bantam like Mr. Belvedere.  This  little whipper snapper is barely 6 months old and already causing a ruckus in the ranks kung fooing with Mr. B.  , leads me to believe Cluck  might need  to  move on .  Can't have Cluck  Norris playing king of the hill  sparring with my beloved Mr. Belvedere. I swear ( actually rarely and only under my breath ) that  when Mr B. sees  Cluck Norris, Belvedere   gathers up his hens and crows frantically "get the flock outa here"  ~ apparently Mr. Norris is intimidating ( hee).

Cluck is actually  a good little fellow other than giving Mr B. a bit of guff ,  he is  very people friendly  (  Mountain man is a fan ) so perhaps we can just make a nice pen and give him a few hens to entertain away from Belvedere .  

     Time will tell  if  Cluck  stays or moves up the road to another farm .   Oh my , speaking of time, I am writing this at a rather late hour so I think it's time end this rather  lengthy fowl post and get some shut eye.  

    Five roosters crowing in the morning is a lot to wrap my head around ,  luckily I enjoy watching the sun rise  .

Happy Trails ,

xox Willow