All photos have been taken by me

All photos have been taken by me

Friday, August 22, 2014

Situating Canines in Cars for vacations

    Ah yes a refreshing  mountain getaway we had  last week indeed ~ of  course  it will take a few post to share it with you.  The vacation  was as much for the dogs as it was for us so I will start at the first leg of the trip ~ situating canines in cars .
  Jayda being the elder dog got to get in the SUV first , she did get a little help with the lift off into the seat as she has a bit of arthritis. .
     Cricket and Jayda had both agreed they were to take there new doggie beds on vacation , lest the cabin floors be cold (not like they even sleep on the floor when there is a bed in sight )
     Jayda  thought  if we left Crickets bed upright ( see is next to her)  she would be content with  the whole back seat to herself  and that Cricket could ride in the back with the luggage. Hmm ~ a wee bit selfish of you Miss Jayda !

                        "ARE WE THERE YET MOM " ?

Here let me fix that second  doggie bed on the seat ~ now  in you go Cricket ... right there next to Jayda.

  Of course once Cricket and Jayda were both situated with their dog beds in the back seat , Mountain Man and I realized we  had forgotten several things ~ so they wait patiently .
Gabby  on the other hand , in the front seat , waits a bit less patiently ...

     "Grumble, Grumble, ... Come on already folks , this car ain't gonna drive itself to the mountains"  .  "Let's get a move on"  !  "Get the lead out , will ya " !  " Hey there I am in the car now so get this harness  off me will ya, the rabies tag weighs a ton " " Come on the dog days of Summer will be over at this rate for crying out loud . Grrr" .  

Ahem well yes , Gabby , being a terrier, can be a bit impatient .

We did finally get on the road and it was a 5 hour drive to the Catskill Mountains,   so we had to make a few stops along the way for ... well um ~  potty breaks (shh) and snacks . 

     Cricket got lots of laughs from any passerby at the roadside stops.  She would wait in the front seat looking quite serious    ( always had the air on ~  for our  cool dogs  ) . 
I think she was contemplating learning how to drive.

Jayda would be shotgun in the side seat with eyes peeled.

" Hey Crick , and Gab ,  do you think they heard us all say we wanted a Happy Meal " ?
                (Don't you think Jayda's ears are just as impressive as the golden arches :)

     At this juncture we were half way there  ~  next post ~  some of our beautiful scenic vacation  travel shots ... promise  .

Happy Trails !