Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lost in the Cosmos

       Many of the flowers on the farm have now taken to slumber . The morning glories are winding down and the Zinnias are starting to wane but  the pink Cosmos  are still putting on  an awesome display  . We had several days of rain and they still looked gorgeous drenched in drops that glistened like precious gems.

     Of course when the rain dried the Cosmos were again in great demand and things got all abuzz as hungry bumbles flocked back in for a landing.

      Yes indeed I do know the flowery days are numbered with October  nearing an end, ole Jack  will be throwing frost at the farm  before you know it ( we been lucky he hasn't yet)   That having been said I feel the need to indulge in one last hurrah  of ...    Flower Power   ~ Thank you my frilly little pink cosmos.

       I feel like I should now say something hip like "Peace Out " and skip off  ( see me there I go with a halo of cosmos atop my head, waving a peace sign to the bees) .

Happy Trails  ,
xox Willow