All photos have been taken by me

All photos have been taken by me

Thursday, July 10, 2014


      Truthfully it has been a rough Summer thus far .  A lot has been going on behind the scenes here at the farm and I have to admit it has taken it's toll on me and I haven't been able to step back  into my usually upbeat routine .  I don't normally belly ache on the blog but to be honest I am a bit down and out a lot lately and haven't quite got my bearings in order.

The main concern right now is my first and only grand baby was born premature a little over a week ago and was rushed by ambulance from our small  town hospital up to Boston Children's Hosptital where he has remained with  complications and low birth weight . We were hoping he would come home this week, but he had a few  setbacks and remains at Children's Hospital  ~ any good thoughts, and prayers  you could send for his speedy recovery would be so appreciated by our family.  

 My son and daughter-in- law got to hold baby Jackson for the first time a few days ago and we were all happy for that , after being hooked up to so many wires, monitors  and tubes he couldn't be held so finally seeing him in my sons arms  , my son giving Jackson a kiss on his little head, was so heart warming .  We will continue to hope for daily improvement. 

Back here on the farm  , the Spring chickens are getting big ( wish I was a Spring chicken again).

Many of you had  asked about Crickets baby boxers that were born back in May , normally I would have had oodles of pictures up of them, but I haven't seemed to have had the zest for photos lately and  have not been in the blog box much  .

Stress brings out my auto immune problems and I get fully exhausted ... I usually do my best to not stress but it sneaks up on you sometimes when you least expect it.

The pups are doing very well and even when I was sick  I loved on them every single day. They will be off to their new forever homes soon so I must share them with you a few more times before they go.

Smiling is always a good for the soul so I will leave you with a few pictures to smile over of Crickets little ones ~ now 6 1/2 weeks old.

                           And they called it PUPPY LOVE .

Take Care ,