Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Going to the Dogs !

    The dogs are getting a bit sulky that they haven't had any blog time ~ cant have that so todays post is going to the dogs !

Just a little update on Jayda , Cricket and Gabby these days .

Jayda turned 13 this year , has been slowing down just a bit with some arthritis so she enjoys a good afternoon snooze in the sun room, where the warm rays always reenergize her .

        Even being a bit slower  Jayda still gets a giggle with a good jaunt that can spook an  unsuspecting chicken  . She's so funny about it, she acts like she is not paying any attention to them at all as she darts through the middle of the slightly startled flock . 

 I always see that little smirk on her face and the tail wag of satisfaction as the chickens scatter and she keeps going like she was not the cause of any of that hubbub clucking and clatter. 

     The photo below is  of when she did it in her younger days,  she is a little slower about it now ~ but the same happy smirk crosses her face. 

      Now for Cricket . Crickets  been doing well and is always up for being the house clown , loves to be goofy and make everyone laugh.

You may remember the picture above from a post from last October but she asked me to post it again ~ she says it shows off her eyes and she still wears the scarf .

              Speaking of eyes, has anyone seen my glasses  ???

Yes Cricket  is such a fun card !  She can also be dignified as  shown below on one of her recent walks.

      Well yes it lasted long enough for two rather dignified picture  then she found a sandhill to slide down ~ what can I say she's fun loving  !

      Can't leave out  Gabby .  Gabby T. Terrier never misses a beat , is as  spry and springy as ever.  She  still  loves to bark wildly at the wind ~  and very much likes hearing herself talk, thus her name  as you know  ~ "Gabby" of course.

     But if she gets too loud and yappy ~ and oh she does have her days ~ its still very hard to get upset with her when she pulls "the face" on you !

     Yes little three and a half pound and cute as a button Gabby knows how to wrap you around her little paw even when she's been naughty  !

                            She's  not ashamed to say she's always  pretty pleased with her  cuteness tactics too.

     SO there you have it, a little update on the pups ~ 
     As for me well  I have been busy as a bee here on the farm getting things  in order  for the cold weather ... sorry I haven't made as many rounds to blogs. I will be seeing you all soon I hope as I certainly do miss you one and all.

     xox Happy Trails,